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Because . . . retirement is for a long time and a LOT of money!


More Retirement Income  .  .   .  More or Less

At Retirement Income Solutions,LLC, we pay special attention to understanding and managing "risk".  Risk to your finances, and risk to your peace of mind in the absence of good finances. It includes issues of personal risk tolerance levels and preferences, individual health, as well as potential investment, interest rate, inflation, and income tax risks, and more. (click here for our "Stock Market Gains Without Losses" presentation).

                                     We specialize in the areas of:

Effective Pre-Retirement Planning
Sooner is better than later, but later is better than not at all. This part often includes assessing the value of a concept known as "Pension Maximization".   Pension Maximization may benefit those who have a type of plan known as a "Defined Benefit" pension plan.

Increasing Your Retirement Income
Living expenses tend to increase over the years. Keeping up is key. There are a number of tools available to accomplish this, depending on your circumstances.   One that has turned out to be a favorite for our more senior clients is our Finding Money concept. This is a "Safe, Simple, and Sure" way to effect dramatic increases in retirement income. More income--often much, much more income-- creates all kinds of pleasant opportunities.

Protecting Retirement Assets
By dramatically increasing retirement income, it may promote affordability of a big risk and lifestyle management tool-- Home Health Care or Long Term Care insurance.

Specialized insurance can put a wall of protection between other assets and"Medicaid spenddown". The difference can easily amount to high six-figures and more! Without some protective measures, even $500,000 or more of invested assets are at risk. The "or more" can involve much more than dollars . . . it can mean the difference of remaining in the comfort and familiarity of your own home or being somewhere you would much less rather be!

Recovering Investment Losses
Many retirees still have significant investment losses from years ago. Their strong desire is to be "whole" by the time of their death, for the benefit of those they love.

Our "Investment Recovery" concept has helped a number of people satisfy this desire, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with "Safe, Simple, and Sure" results.

Could these ideas benefit you?  Help is only a mouse click away!

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