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Because . . . retirement is for a long time and a LOT of money!


Long Term Care Planning:
                                              For Yourself And Those You Love

What is important is the need to make plans in advance with your family (click for presentation) based on what you would like if you reach the point where you need ongoing care.

Some buy Long Term Care insurance while younger and healthy, and figure they will plan later. Others like to create a plan, then buy the Long Term Care insurance to fit the plan. You've planned for many events--wedding, home mortgage, children's college expenses, and retirement. This is another of life's events that needs to be anticipated, and planned for, because of its multi-dimensional impact.

Besides the emotional, life-style, and financial aspects that affect all family members, it is true that primary care-givers suffer from depression, illness, and injury much more frequently than those who do not provide that kind of care. Providing the care, attention, and effort--no matter how lovingly given and received--can exact a high price from those we care most about!

Planning ahead can also eliminate many of the emotional difficulties for the care recipient and for the family, and reduce the lifestyle strains. Below are some of the many things that you can do to ensure that you stay at home, in the event of . . .

  • Establish a more healthy lifestyle
  • Plan in advance with your family
  • Arrange life styles
  • Do legal, and other, paperwork
  • Establish relationships with professionals
  • Study risks and available services
  • Arrange for finances
  • Educate yourself and your intended care-giver
  • Prepare your home
  • Buy Long Term Care insurance

Just remember--professional and caring help is only a click away!

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