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Financial realities and human emotions often complicate retirement income planning. One person's plenty might be another person's privation. Attitudes, as well as dollars, are key!

Are you already enjoying the fruits of your retirement income? Or, has what was plentiful turned a little sparse, maybe even somewhat sour? Perhaps you are age 50 or so and planning for that next long phase of your life? And you want certainty because plentiful is preferable to sparsity. In either case, you are likely to have some "special" needs.

We have found that the issues most people face are multi-dimensional. We have
needs and wants, we have hopes and some anxiety, or even some fear. And we may
have financial assets ineffectively positioned to get us where we need to be, or to keep us there a long time.

These issues (which comes first--the chicken or the nest egg?) sometimes
conflict over priorities. Often, there can be generational viewpoints which must
be accounted for, as well.

Dealing effectively with the need for adequate retirement income, means dealing with your financial facts and your personality. And it often requires both technical expertise and empathy.

This may become even more pronounced the further we progress into our "golden years" (click for presentation). How you choose to deal with the issues, and who you choose to help in the process will have much to do with the results and your satisfaction with them.

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