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Life insurance checkup -- Is your policy REALLY paid up?

Time and low interest rates have had a major impact . . . .

Life Insurance Checkup? Huh? What do you mean -- my life insurance policy may
NOT be paid up?

Daily living costs money--a lot of money over time. Many thoughtful people make
sure their survivors will not have to make do by "doing without". Life insurance often is the method of choice. A life insurance checkup for current owners of life policies may be very revealing if you have you taken steps to provide for your loved ones in this way. If so, are you currently paying premiums on that policy, or are you really happy because your policy is a "paid up" policy?

Be certain that what you think you have is what you actually have. There are
reasons that may not be the case. Take the time now to find out. What you don't
know can be hazardous to your wealth. Lower than anticipated/projected interest
rates can cause a life insurance policy to expire long before the insured does.

If you (think you) have a "paid up" policy, you may have a very nasty, unpleasant
surprise. You may be disappointed to learn that the policy is not be generating
sufficient interest, and has not for a number of years. And that it will lapse long before you lapse--unless you resume or increase your life insurance premium payments.

A policy may have been projected to last beyond your life expectancy but when interest rates fell below the rate used in the initial illustration, the outcome is likely to be a policy that will lapse during the insured's lifetime. A painful realization, when you thought you had taken the necessary steps to protect you and yours, and a difficult decision to resume paying premium, and a higher premium, if you want to keep the policy in force!

Retirement income that may already stretched has to be stretched even more. In
retirement, and on a fixed income that may purchase less than it did years before, is not the best time to resume premium payments on a life insurance policy that you thought was paid up. That puts more pressure on you and your limited dollars.

Going back to work is not the answer
Safely increasing your interest and investment income is!

Positioning your money to work harder for you is a better answer! (see Finding Money Concept )  In a way that is Safe, Simple, Sure!

What you should know is that all insurance policies are not created equal. There are many insurance companies and many different insurance policies, and the differences can be significant. They all have costs and they all credit interest --and you need to know both sides. How little/much cost and how little/much interest?

If you currently have a Universal Life insurance policy, you need to know how it is performing. You need to know if it will meet the objectives you had in mind when you applied for it, and every time you made the premium payments on that life insurance. Life insurance is a wonderful way to take care of your loved ones, but if your policy expires one day before you do, then all was for naught!

Contact us for a free, no-obligation analysis of your life insurance and/or annuity policies. Then you will know exactly how each is performing. Don't just guess or hope that your life insurance will be there when you are not. Know exactly what you have and exactly what your beneficiaries will have! Hoping and guessing can be disastrous when it comes to life insurance. Find out if you have what you think you have -- a policy that will outlive you.


Just remember--professional and caring help is only a click away!


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